6 Best Apps For Business

Apps are essential tools for any modern company. There are numerous options for organizing job streams, time tracking, and even keeping track of credit card payments and cash flow. BritainReviews is the best place to see reviews about business applications. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best business applications for entrepreneurs.

Here are the best apps you need for your business.

1.  Flock

Flock is an essential communication and collaboration tool for any company with remote personnel. There are reviews of electronics companies in the Uk you should read about to have various applications to help your business grow. This particular app helps bring all of your interactions, productivity tools, and apps together in one spot, as well as offering video and audio conferencing. You can drag and drop files into discussions and add ‘guests’ to specific chats, which is helpful if you want to keep clients in a loop without allowing them access to the rest of your channels.

2.  Oncourse

Oncourse is a robust all-in-one CRM with sales automation. It can be used as a sales acceleration platform to keep all sales data in one place, which is helpful for data management and developing data-driven strategies or sales methods. It comes with an integrated set of tools designed to boost sales efforts and demolish sales targets – think sales automation, email, SMS sequences, and phone, all of which work together effortlessly. Activity tracking, recorded calls, team member segmentation, reply tracking, and more features are available in Oncourse.

3.  Bonjoro

You may use this software to make and share customized films. When nurturing sales leads, thanking buyers and supporters, onboarding consumers, and checking in on existing clients, it’s a terrific opportunity to inject some personality into your brand image. The video and background may both be modified, allowing users to tailor these features to their brand.

4.  Rocketbook

 Best for visual thinkers and creatives

This app, which began as a Kickstarter project, is ideal for small business owners who wish to sketch ideas by hand before accessing them on a screen, such as designers or web developers. You may scan the pages of the notebook with your phone after scribbling down thoughts or sketching designs. Scanning is lightning fast, and you can quickly share photographs with your peers using designated apps (Asana, DropBox, etc.). Because it simply scans your handwriting and nothing else, the program is fantastic for producing clean files. It will not contain ‘photo bombers’ such as the notebook’s edge or the table on which the notebook is resting.

5.  Asana

Good for Project management and team collaboration

Speaking of Asana, if your company expands and you hire more employees, it is always a good idea to invest in a project management tool or one that helps you keep track of your team’s to-do lists. It is also a good choice if you need a productivity app to assist you and your team stays focused on the most critical tasks when things become hectic. Asana makes it simple to establish workstreams and projects, divide work down into tasks and subtasks, and assign tasks to users. You may build custom fields, filter data in a way similar to spreadsheet columns, add due dates and times, and even ‘like’ assignments.

6.  Google Drive

Best for: Companies that have a lot of files and data to manage.

Stress no further if you’re seeking a secure cloud storage solution for your information. Google Drive can now backup any folder on your computer, putting an end to the days of missing files. The free version is a beautiful place to start, but if you want more enterprise-grade security and administration options, Drive Enterprise for business is worth considering.