Creative Know-how Developments In 2022 That Could Enable Grow Your Business enterprise

Zohar Dayan is the CEO and Founder of Wibbitz, the on the web video clip editor for content material teams. 

It is an fascinating time to be a creator. With a lot more tools at our fingertips and technologies in the palms of our arms, we have the capacity to develop impressive function.

For some, it is a time of inspiration and option to be an agent for social improve. For many others, it is a time to hook up with audiences by means of individual storytelling, academic written content or even a slick dance regime set to trending songs on TikTok. No matter the angle, developments in know-how are generating it all probable.

In early 2021, I wrote about our ingress into the “golden era of online video.” The subsequent months proved that we ended up just starting to see what’s probable when technology is paired with passionate information creators. Short-sort movie, podcasts and even interactive electronic encounters have been surging to the forefront of creative imagination.

There are some remarkable traits on the horizon for creators in 2022 that could help improve your business. Some are by now right here and some others are just starting to choose shape. Our actuality is shifting toward an even much more astounding time to be a creator. The final pair of several years have been astounding, far too, but I guarantee you haven’t seen nearly anything yet.

No-Professional Resources

Just one these types of technological innovation established to propel the business forward in 2022 is no-professional tools. These platforms enable the regular smartphone or laptop person to construct stunning content material for their niche. In the very same vein as no-code platforms like Webflow and Airtable, or even reduced-code choices like Zoho Creator, no-pro tech provides non-artistic experts the means to produce their visions.

Because most of us haven’t invested a long time honing our graphic style and design expertise or finding out the nuances of video modifying suites, we need to have very simple applications to carry our creative thoughts to lifetime. From any place in the entire world, people can go from inspiration to execution.

Video Creation Software

A person of the most major spots for the potential of no-professional technology is movie generation. With far more folks viewing films on-line than ever in advance of, the audience for content is quickly developing. In 2021, users viewed an typical of 16 several hours of on the internet video clips per week. Pair that with the point that online video generates about 1200% much more engagement and shares than just textual content and illustrations or photos, and you can see how simple it is to obtain an viewers for your creations.

But to satiate this motivation for a lot more information, buyers have to have agile and clear-cut tools to develop. Which is wherever no-professional tools like Wibbitz and Canva can enable. Their interfaces really don’t involve several hours of understanding. A creator can sit down


Jianpu Technology Wins Top Fintech Innovation Award and Reveals Business Developments in New Categories and Markets

BEIJING, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Jianpu Technology Inc. (“Jianpu” or the “Company”)(NYSE: JT), a leading independent open platform for discovery and recommendation of financial products in China, is pleased to announce that it recently won the prestigious 2021 Top 10 Fintech Innovation Award (the “Award”). The Award, bestowed by “The Chinese Banker” recognizes Jianpu’s excellence in enabling the digitization of financial institutions.

As one of the most influential acknowledgements within China’s financial industry, the Award (in its 14th edition) is widely respected by the fintech industry, regulators and financial institutions. Winning the Award alongside banks such as WeBank, Pingan Bank and China Everbright Bank is a validation of Jianpu’s achievements and contributions in financial industry innovation. Jianpu remains committed to innovation-led growth, embracing artificial intelligence, data science, analytics, cloud computing, machine learning and other technologies to explore and seek breakthroughs across financial product categories and geographies.

As China’s largest independent credit card application online platform, the Company has facilitated the cumulative issuance of over 20 million credit cards. In addition to traditional content-driven traffic, the Company leverages social media to promote its platform via an initiative called Social Media and Partner Program (the “Program”). Launched in 2018, the Program has been highly effective in user acquisition and engagement, resulting in approximately two thirds of credit card application volume via this channel. Jianpu will continue to leverage the Program to expand into other financial product categories and new business verticals.

In diversifying the financial products offered on its platform, Jianpu has also entered into the insurance brokerage sector. With the mission and vision of “Making Insurance More Accessible via Technology”, the Company has developed a solution for individual brokers that enables intelligent deal management, insurance product matching and streamlined transaction processes.

Jianpu has also expanded its footprint into Southeast Asia markets by applying and adapting its successful formula and pioneering business models. Winning the trust and support from local regulators and partners, the Company has secured several important permits and registrations in the fintech sector, including financial product aggregator, credit scoring and transaction authentication. Going forward, Jianpu will continue to drive inclusive financial services overseas to benefit more populations around the world.

Mr. David Ye, Co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jianpu, commented, “As a fintech pioneer, we have placed a high premium on technological innovation in the first decade since our founding. We strive to help financial institutions accelerate their digitalization, enhance accessibility of their products and services, and consequently better serve the real economy. Notably, we have helped small- and medium-sized enterprises to withstand the pandemic by making certain financial services and products more accessible.”

“We appreciate the recognition of ‘The Chinese Banker‘, as well as the industry participants. Down the road, we will continue to innovate in such realms as integrated digital capability, consumer education and protection, financial inclusion and accessibility, so as to better serve our users and financial institutions and fully tap into market opportunities in