Biden given Russia cyberattack options, including internet and transportation interruptions

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    Russian Defense Ministry announces 500 troops dead in Ukraine as Putin cracks down on dissent


  • Sen. Angus King: Putin is ‘the most dangerous man in the world’


  • Daria Kaleniuk: Soon Ukrainians ‘will have no food, no water, and basically no medical support’


  • Anne Neuberger: A cyber attacker ‘has to be successful once. A defender has to be successful every time.’


  • Ignatius: ‘The plucky Ukraine that we’re growing to love is going to be crushed in coming days’


  • Sen. Tim Kaine on President Biden’s approaches to Ukraine crisis, SCOTUS, immigration


  • Children with cancer treated in Kyiv hospital basement


  • Ukrainian doctors detail situation on the ground from inside bomb shelter


  • Brokaw: Putin has not changed. He was a KGB agent then, and he’s operating as one now.


  • ‘It was absolutely terrifying’: Reporter in Ukraine details soldiers searching car


  • Heavy shelling, airstrikes pound Ukrainian cities


  • ‘Incredible resilience’: Photojournalist captures the humanity surviving Putin’s onslaught


  • While celebrating unity and hope, Biden also foreshadows Russian brutality in Ukraine


  • Why Biden hit a nerve with threat to seize Russian oligarchs’ yachts


  • With Ukraine crisis, attention renewed on U.S. refugee policy


  • Putin ‘badly miscalculated’ by invading Ukraine says Biden


  • Anxious Ukrainians wonder at lack of progress by Russian convoy


  • White House reiterates commitment to NATO obligations


  • Rep. Ilhan Omar on War in Ukraine


  • Ukraine cities face intense shelling


NBC News’ Ken Dilanian reports on President Biden being presented with options to carry out massive cyberattacks designed to disrupt Russia’s ability to sustain its military operations in Ukraine.


Is Technological know-how Modifying Present Organization Styles Or Simply Including A Digital Layer?

By Lucas Escouto, SAP

We dwell in a planet dominated by technology firms. We see new IPOs every single month, stocks are continually reaching all-time highs, and the variety of applications in our pockets grows by the hundreds each yr. All organizations rely on technology to provide their providers and merchandise to customers – tech has become the standard.

However, does that suggest all providers are tech businesses? Is engineering genuinely changing current enterprise versions or only including a electronic layer? Teri Hamann, Senior Vice President at SAP, and Mike Maiolo, CEO of Rizing, used some time seeking for answers on the initial episode of the podcast series Ready. Established. Change.

Ready. Set. Rework.Are All Corporations Becoming Know-how Providers?

The improved adoption of know-how by each company in the entire world has blurred the lines of historic classifications of what corporations are and which industries they belong to. One or two decades ago, the associations used to be a lot a lot more clear-cut. If you make toys, you are a toy firm. If you sell foods, you are a food items firm. But companies like Amazon, Fb and Tesla, are tough to determine based only on what they market.

According to Teri Hamann, it’s significantly less about the solution remaining marketed and a lot more about the how your business model is crafted close to technological know-how.

“Through technology you will boost your customer’s life and ensure the good results of your company,” stated Hamann. “In that circumstance, you can contact oneself a technology business. It doesn’t subject if you are creating automobiles or selling genuine computer software. If technologies touches every single spot of your organization, in my opinion, you are a tech firm.”

Employing of tech for what matters most

Reflecting on the evolution and foreseeable future of your small business is basic, but assessing your technology investments to get there is just as essential, in accordance to Mike Maiolo.

“I really do not believe you have to say you are a tech corporation, but you certainly have to determine out how to use tech to be the best business you can be,” said Maiolo. “You have to seem at what you are in business to do, and that doesn’t necessarily mean what you offer, necessarily, it can be what expertise you are seeking to deal with. You have to embrace the use of technological know-how for innovation, for remaining as efficient as you can be, at whatever it is you are picking to be.”

Better consumer experience, higher margins, expertise attraction, loyal customers, model recognition, more rapidly product cycles – something can be attained with the use of know-how. Embracing technology and making use of it to all spots of an organization will aid firms mature quicker and develop into a lot more prosperous.

Corporations will evolve and definitions will comply with

Corporations that commenced in business