The Top Business Technology Trends for 2021-2022

With the new year just around the corner, the world of business is set to see great change. From 5G and the Internet of Things to the blockchain, new technology trends are creating a digital transformation for companies on a global level. In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest trends in technology to keep an eye out for in 2022 and beyond.

Top Technology Trends for Businesses in 2022

2022 Updates to ISO 27002

In 2022 there will be an update to the ISO 27002 supplementary standard (ISO 27002:2022). ISO 27002 is a reference guide for implementing the optional security controls listed in Annex A of ISO 27001. These controls help companies create an ISMS (information security management system) that complies with the Standard.

Examples of Proposed Changes

  • New controls including data leakage prevention and web filtering.
  • Re-structuring/consolidations/removal of existing controls

While these updates will not have an immediate impact on the ISO 27001:2013 framework, they will provide added context and clarity for those seeking ISO/IEC 27001 certification in 2022, particularly as it relates to modern data security practices such as cloud security.

5G and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The impact of IoT on security in the workplace

Learn more about the security impacts of IoT in our infographic

5G’s future rests on software-defined networking (SDN), whose main concept is to decouple the infrastructure of wireless networks from expensive, closed hardware and shift it to an intelligent software layer running on commodity hardware.

Tom Canning,

The 5G network represents the next generation of mobile communication. Its speed improvements alone are a revolution; 5G will take roughly one millisecond to respond to commands, whereas 4G can take up to 200 milliseconds.

The improved efficiencies offered by the 5G network will benefit businesses that rely on IoT (physical things connected to the internet). Self-driving vehicles, for example, rely heavily on IoT devices to navigate roadways and traffic. Property management and leasing companies are now using IoT devices to build and maintain smarter buildings that utilize connected HVAC infrastructure and automated door locks, thermostats, smoke detectors, and more.

Investing in the 5G network and expanding the use of IoT in business will also help to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. The reputation of a business is now, more than ever, heavily predicated on the practices and technology put in place to help reduce the harm that the operation inflicts on the environment and the climate.

With digital technology systems such as 5G and IoT, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by up to 15% by 2030, according to an article published by Jens Malmodin and Pernilla Bergmark for the Atlantis Press.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has become integral in our daily lives as smartphones and their various applications, including artificial intelligence software such as Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. McKinsey estimates that by 2024 AI-generated speech will be behind more than 50% of people’s interactions with computers.

With AI, your smartphone can be used to measure distances and to simulate the way that a piece


These are the best technology stocks of 2021

Traders work on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Technology stocks have been far from a sure bet since 2021 began its stretch run in mid-November. Inflationary concerns and fears of rising interest rates pushed investors out of software and internet companies, sending scores of prior outperformers into correction territory.

Despite the sell-off and the volatility across wide swaths of the tech industry, investors have made a bundle of money betting on specific companies and stories. Certain areas of the semiconductor market ballooned this year, as demand soared for processors that could speed crypto mining, aid game development and connect more devices to the internet.

Fintech, cloud software and cybersecurity had their share of standouts as well, even if buying baskets of those stocks and holding them for the year would not have been a particularly lucrative investment.

Here are the five biggest gainers in 2021 among U.S. tech companies valued at $5 billion or more. The list excludes companies that went public this year. Prices are as of Thursday’s close.


When Upstart held its stock market debut in mid-December of last year, the company was valued at about $1.5 billion. Just over a year later, it’s a $12 billion company.

Upstart shares are up 264% since the beginning of 2021, including a gain of 171% over a wild three-day stretch in March.

The company uses machine learning to underwrite consumer loans and provides its technology to banking partners who can then better target customers.

Revenue in the third quarter soared 250% to $228 million. In addition to rapid growth, Upstart is giving investors something that’s unusual from a newly public tech company: profits. Upstart has generated earnings for five straight quarters, including net income of $29.1 million in the latest period, up from $9.7 million a year earlier.

Upstart said in its earnings call in November that it now provides technology services to 31 banks and credit unions, up from 10 a year ago. In the third quarter, the company powered 362,780 loans, up 244% from a year earlier.

Top tech stocks of 2021


CEO David Girouard said on the call that the company is now moving beyond personal and auto loans and into small-dollar loans for consumers with “immediate cash needs.”

“Our bank partners rightly feel pressured to better serve low-to-moderate income Americans, and we want to help them do that right,” Girouard said. “The interest in the small dollar product from our bank and credit union partners is off the charts and we hope to bring it to market before the end of 2022.”


Synaptics was founded in 1986 and went public 16 years later. But it took until 2020 for investors to start getting excited about the stock. This year it took off, soaring 189%.

Synaptics grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, developing touchpads and scroll pads for PCs as well as biometrics. Its touch technology then gained


Top 5 Small Business Tech Trends In 2021

You may believe that technology is just for corporate companies, but software, automation, and machinery are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of small businesses.

Implementing strategies like introducing chatbot apps to your website enables you to customize your business 24/7, answer questions immediately, boost sales and get a grip on your audience’s behavior.

You can check review sites like Collected.Reviews to see other online users’ experiences on different services for business.

Below are the top 5 small business tech trends in 2021:

1.     Artificial intelligence

In the past few years, the way companies function transforms artificial intelligence. AI has offered solutions that allow firms to become more competitive and successful across their respective industries, from retail to logistics and customer service. Since artificial intelligence is now less costly, it is now inexpensive to implement them in small companies.

2021 is one of the most advanced technology developments years as AI is being integrated into current and new processes and solutions, such as voice assistants and customer service.

2.     5G technology

5G is the latest universal standard for wireless services providing consumers with ultra-fast download rates, a safer and more consistent user experience, and increased network reliability.

5G will support and do more for small businesses! The number of 5G packages worldwide is estimated at more than 1.9 billion by 2024 (Statista, 2021). This 2021, since it is likely to bring in a new age, you should think of 5G. You should start upgrading your company’s existing technology to help you profit from the latest 5G!

3.     Tech-assisted shopping

Retailers must use online purchases, supply, and mobile payments to provide their customers with a contactless buying experience.

We can anticipate further improvements this trend will continue in 2021. There are some developments in eCommerce that will boom this year.

4.     Mobile tech

Mobile e-commerce revenues are anticipated to account for 73 percent of overall e-commerce sales, according to eMarketer. 2021 will also enable you to make your online store mobile and tablet devices sensitive. As they load faster, you can start developing an advanced web application for your online store. To meet mobile needs, introduce fast mobile sites.

Next, the checkout should be streamlined. Finally, periodically monitor your website to see if it is mobile.

5.     Comprehensive HR technology

As working remotely is the new standard, the introduction of robust HR technology to help small and medium-sized companies track their workers and needs is becoming increasingly relevant.

HR technology is a broad concept that includes the tool to provide an improved staffing experience for the HR manager. It enables the company to store data, automate everyday processes and provide resources to improve decision-making.

It also helps to reduce human mistakes, avoid expensive errors and maximize efficiency. The adoption of centralized HR information systems would enable better communication and production between you and your employees.

Bottom line

In this modern age, embracing technology is more than helping you thrive. It’s all about equipping … Read More...

Slater’ organization gets $6.5M to build drinking water-cleansing technology

The drinking water-cleansing engineering made by a Slater-primarily based business has attracted the attention of a team of Iowa investors, who’ve poured $6.5 million into Gross-Wen Technologies.

Gross-Wen’s major attract is a patented course of action that uses algae to clear wastewater.

ISA Ventures and Iowa Farm Bureau’s Rural Vitality Fund led the investment decision in Gross-Wen, along with a fifty percent-dozen other undertaking funds entities.

Eric Engelmann, a basic lover at ISA Ventures, stated the team is happy to devote in a “groundbreaking business and its technological know-how, led by an extraordinary group, to accelerate Gross-Wen Technologies’ progress in Iowa.”

He claimed raising significant dollars for a firm that is hitting its stride with the appropriate technological innovation at the appropriate time is “big information for Iowa and for central Iowa’s startup ecosystem.”

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The traders imagine the timing is suitable, in element, mainly because lots of municipalities and firms are hunting for much less highly-priced, effective solutions to satisfy stricter federal and point out drinking water good quality needs.

The city of Slater uses Gross-Wen Technologies' innovation to treat wastewater.

Gross-Wen uses a approach it phone calls revolving algal biofilm to price-correctly fulfill new wastewater discharge permits.

The RAB procedure takes advantage of algae to recuperate nutrients these types of as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater in a extra affordable manner than traditional procedures. The algae consume carbon dioxide and generate oxygen, both equally of which are nutritious processes to battle climate modify.

The harvested algae are then turned into pellets that are loaded in nitrogen and phosphorus and can be utilized as fertilizer or bioplastics.

The course of action has small prices for vitality and operation, and it does not demand high-priced carbon or chemical inputs.

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“There is a remarkable prospect for sustainable h2o treatment method systems. This funding will give GWT the capital to develop our present existence in Iowa and the Midwest and provide us the methods to create new markets across the U.S.,” Martin Gross, co-founder and president of Gross-Wen, explained in a news launch. “We are thrilled to increase ISA Ventures, Rural Vitality Fund and Subsequent Stage Ventures as our newest shareholders at GWT. These corporations stand for the top venture funds companies in Iowa and we search forward to their steering as we increase our organization.”

Algae grown during the water treatment process becomes a slow-release, pelletized fertilizer.

Gross and his professor, Zhiyou Wen, established the patented method though Gross was a graduate scholar at Iowa Condition College. Gross and Wen co-started the business in 2014. Wen continues as a complex specialist.

Slater executed Gross-Wen’s algae-centered technology at a cost savings of $1 million as it improved its wastewater procedure facility to satisfy extra stringent Division of Normal Means requirements.

Gross credits the metropolis and Mayor John Kahler for remaining forward-wondering in picking out Gross-Wen in December 2018.

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“Slater was looking at a


Eluvio Blockchain Technology Drives NFT Business for WWE, Fox Entertainment

WWE and Blockchain Resourceful Labs, the new non-fungible token (NFT) company and inventive studio shaped by Fox Entertainment and Bento Box Entertainment, right now announced an special multi-12 months settlement to start an NFT market for certified electronic WWE tokens and collectibles. The partnership marks Blockchain Inventive Labs’ very first-at any time material alliance with an external residence beyond Fox.

“Blockchain Innovative Labs has promptly grow to be a chief in the place with an extraordinary govt group that truly understands the NFT arena and its tremendous likely,” claims Scott Zanghellini, WWE Senior Vice President, Earnings Approach & Enhancement. “This new partnership permits us to deepen our romantic relationship with Fox, as we continue on to discover new and imaginative means to engage our passionate fanbase.”

In collaboration with Blockchain Artistic Labs, WWE will produce authentic NFTs that celebrate the company’s full catalog of electronic belongings, together with its most legendary moments, previous and existing WWE Superstars and leading situations, this kind of as WrestleMania and SummerSlam. Powered by Eluvio’s eco-helpful blockchain technological know-how, the marketplace will provide as a hub for customers to order, trade, provide and retail store digital tokens that will be authenticated through Eluvio’s blockchain and will be interoperable across Ethereum and other blockchains. The marketplace’s identify and launch date will be introduced in the coming weeks.

“Blockchain Imaginative Labs is excited to spouse with WWE in launching its formal NFT ecosystem. We know WWE’s passionate admirer local community will love possessing genuine electronic goods across the organization’s resourceful universe — from earlier and existing stars to basic, tradition-defining moments,” claims Scott Greenberg, CEO of Blockchain Inventive Labs and Co-Founder/CEO of Bento Box Entertainment. “Our NFT studio is all about enabling supporters to own NFTs and tokens that carry utility and social clout instantly from the creators and brands they are passionate about, spanning animation, sporting activities, shows and movies to tunes, guides, art, pop lifestyle and each and every other Net3-run media asset you can quite possibly think about.”

To take part in the WWE NFT market, fans create a secure and quick-to-use WWE digital wallet via Eluvio that acts as a vault and enables shoppers to obtain collectibles working with traditional currency or cryptocurrency.

Before this year, Fox Enjoyment and Bento Box Amusement entered the NFT small business with the development of Blockchain Innovative Labs and a $100 million creator fund to determine development possibilities in the room.


Technology incubator receives $200,000 to boost IT workforce > Columbia Business Report

A grant from Truist Money Corp. will fund scholarships and teaching at the University of South Carolina Columbia Know-how Incubator.

The $200,000 grant goes by the Truist Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund at The Winston-Salem Foundation. It is intended to help the potential data engineering workforce in South Carolina, according to a news release.

The USC Columbia Technological know-how Incubator’s mission is to help revolutionary persons and organizations grow as a result of instruction, mentoring and an recognized sense of local community in the downtown incubation facility that serves business owners in the Midlands.

“We are grateful for Truist’s generous contribution and determination to supporting workforce advancement in South Carolina,” Chad Hardaway, the USC Columbia Know-how Incubator govt director, mentioned in the launch. “This grant will participate in a vital job in bolstering the state’s personnel workforce by giving more South Carolinians the option to further their education and ultimately turn out to be certified to fill the in-demand from customers work opportunities throughout the point out.”

The grant is supposed to provide alternatives for career development and have a ripple impact — helping men and women grow their skillsets, giving balance for families, and enriching communities, Mike Brenan, S.C. regional president for Truist, mentioned in the release.

The objective is to distribute 300 scholarships of $500 that will guide to a coaching certification or credential for South Carolina residents, with a specific emphasis on minority applicants.

“The board and I are happy of the USC Columbia Know-how Incubator’s record of normally stepping in to provide the most pressing requirements of our region,” USC Columbia Technological know-how Incubator board chairman Monthly bill Kirkland said in the release. “Thank you to our mates at Truist for their generous help. This grant improvements the incubator’s leadership purpose in acquiring a increased-proficient workforce of the long term as perfectly as continuing to serve the entrepreneurial group.”

The USC Columbia Know-how Incubator will promote the availability of Future Workforce Scholarships for these intrigued in getting into or advancing in IT or other similar job paths, the release stated. The grants will give essential reskilling or upskilling for people today affected by shifts in employment owing to COVID-19 or other financial instances, the release mentioned.

The USC Columbia Technologies Incubator will use the funding to enhance or increase to present scholarship programs as a result of the S.C. Section of Work and Workforce, the S.C. Technological Faculty Technique and other neighborhood associates.

“This grant provides chances for occupation improvement and has a ripple effect – it aids people today expand their skillsets, gives balance for family members, and enriches communities,” Brenan said in the launch. “At Truist, our function is to encourage and establish much better lives and communities, and we’re very pleased to guidance the USC Columbia Know-how Incubator and the options it will enable build for South Carolinians in the course of the Midlands.”

The USC Columbia Know-how Incubator is a nonprofit company sponsored by USC, city of