Thousands and thousands of French residences simply cannot obtain higher-pace internet, claims examine

Additional than just one-in-6 homes in France cannot get obtain to high-pace net, a new report has discovered.

Customer affiliation UFC-Que Choisir mentioned inspite of the French government’s “celebration of the formidable success” of its France Très Haut Débit program, its “anarchic” installation of fibre-optic cables is not improving upon the situation and could even be making it even worse.

The affiliation utilised its report on Tuesday (April 18) to contact on the federal government to: 

  • Increase regulation in the sector

  • Build a authorized appropriate to top quality web for anyone, with bare minimum speeds required

  • Introduce compensation for residents whose link does not arrive at these stages

  • Allow for rate-free cancellations in situation of issues with connection or a drop in service

  • Ban subscriptions and convey in automated payment in scenario of recurring or prolonged interruptions in company.

What is the France Très Haut Débit system and why is not it operating?

The strategy introduced in 2013 and aimed to help all persons in France to access superior-speed world wide web (better than 30 Mbps) right before the end of 2022.

And though this goal has technically been achieved, the UFC-Que Choisir review discovered that for 17.2% of homes (11.8 million people), this velocity is only achievable by subscribing to wireless know-how such as 4G, 5G, or satellite.

This technology is nevertheless regarded ‘second class’ in comparison to conventional networks such as fibre optic, VDSL, or cable. The analyze discovered that these technologies generally ‘ration’ facts use, do not offer you more companies like tv, and can halt operating in the course of undesirable climate or significant demand from customers. They can also price tag a large amount extra.

The examine uncovered that in follow, some pursuits like online video phone calls and on line gaming are functionally impossible making use of these possibilities, as the latency (how very long it will take info to appear from the server) is much too sluggish. Latency can be up to 50 moments larger by way of satellite than optic fibre.

Rural parts worst affected

Unsurprisingly, a lack of higher-pace internet is most widespread in rural spots. UFC-Que Choisir reported a bulk in Côtes-d’Armor (52.1% of customers) and Ardèche (53.5 %) did not have entry and had been the worst served in mainland France.

All round, up to 20% of people are ineligible for a significant-speed, wire-based mostly relationship in 45 departments nationwide, the examine discovered.

Extra than 8.8 million persons residing in cities with fewer than 1,000 citizens do not have a higher-velocity connection. What is more, 18.4% of these people do not even have a ‘good’ speed connection of at least 8 Mbps, which was promised to all people in 2017.

Much more than 10% do not even have a ‘minimal’ online link of at the very least 3 Mbps.

The study highlights that there are nonetheless key challenges in rural places, inspite of figures from 2021 suggesting that the rollout of fibre optic know-how was becoming deployed speedier than ADSL broadband in 60% of the areas.

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Fibre optic could even be making issues worse

The analyze also discovered that the rollout of fibre optic technology has been the resource of various challenges, and could even be earning the link condition even worse.

Nearby UFC-Que Choisir associations analysed much more than 500 court docket circumstances having area in 2022, in link with optic fibre. It observed that several subscribers have seasoned difficulties with:

  • Obtaining connected

  • Perform becoming refused a number of occasions

  • Making harm

  • Poorly-carried out work foremost to no relationship

  • ‘Cobbled-together’ connections to other wires

UFC-Que Choisir reported that its research was just “the idea of the iceberg” when it arrives to fibre optic connection troubles. It included that even the federation in charge of the activity admitted that between 15 and 20% of connections have experienced problems (meaning hundreds of thousands of issues for every calendar year).

It extra that the trouble is produced even worse when buyers do not have the means to battle net providers or force them to remedy the challenge. 

This prospects them to a “double punishment” of not possessing World-wide-web access, and owning to devote hundreds of euros to address the challenge them selves (these kinds of as cancellation fees, and new subscriptions), the affiliation said.

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Down below is a map demonstrating fibre relationship protection in France. Simply click below to open up the map (in French) and look for what it is like in your region.


What can I do about inadequate world wide web speeds in France?

We have had lots of messages from Connexion visitors about lousy web speeds in France. 

Some report that the speed is worse in the evenings, from around 18:00 onwards, specifically in smaller villages. Even so, a single said that this transpired even however they have a fibre optic link and reside around Paris.

The initially factor is to identify how quickly (or slow) your world-wide-web speed is. To do this, you can use a free on line pace test.

You can Google ‘internet speed test’, as there are a lot of cost-free checks on the web. 

Even so, UFC-Que Choisir gives a free a person listed here that also describes what each individual amount signifies, and offers you with the details in French. This may perhaps be beneficial if you want to take the particulars to your web supplier or technician. 

  • La réception (Mbps download): The pace of transfer from the network to your personal computer. In megabit for each second (Mbps). The quicker it is, the speedier your web will load web pages and video clips, or download data files. At least 8 Mbps is advised for an ADSL link, even though fibre optic connections can get to as lots of as 200 Mbps.

  • L’envoi (Mbps add): The speed of transfer from your computer system to the network. This is often much slower than the obtain pace. This influences how extensive it requires to add data files to the internet. ADSL connections offer you 1-2 Mbps, whilst quicker connections can achieve 10-100 Mbps.

  • Le ping (ping or latency): The latency refers to how very long it requires for information to appear from the server. It is in milliseconds (ms). A minimal ping would be regarded significantly less than 50 ms, and fast adequate for video clip calls on on the net gaming. Nearly anything bigger than 200 ms is considered gradual.

After you have founded your web velocity, right here are some ideas for improving upon your link and pushing your service provider to act.

  • Test to set up where the trouble is coming from (e.g. your supplier, and not your components)

  • Examine you do not have a laptop or computer virus that could be slowing down your Personal computer or relationship

  • Get a new modem. More recent devices might get the job done better

  • Make absolutely sure your modem is positioned well. Steer clear of putting it in close proximity to your tv or microwave, in a corner, or a closed cupboard, and keep away from putting everything on top rated of it

  • Use a Wi-Fi signal repeater 

  • Deactivate your computerized WiFi searching on your Windows laptop or computer when you are connected

  • Close all windows or courses that are working with Wi-Fi in the track record

  • Engage in with frequencies. Most connections have 2.4Hz and 5Hz. Consider connecting to 5Hz, as it is a newer frequency and is employed much less

If practically nothing functions, and you want to just take it up with your provider: 

  • Get hold of the provider’s client services (not the exact same as its consumer assistance), if it has 1. Contact information must be on your agreement documentation, or the operator’s web-site. Deliver your grievance by registered mail with an acknowledgement of receipt.

  • If a remedy is however not observed at this level, you can take your criticism to nationwide mediators. The government has tips (in French) on actions to acquire. These contain making contact with the digital communications mediator, or the consumer mediator.  

  • If you will need to escalate the circumstance further, you can even choose it to a civil court docket.

  • The fraud and shopper place of work, DGCCRF, has a page with sensible ideas on how to start off proceedings, and you can also report a difficulty to the business on-line or by mobile phone (0809 540 550).

  • You can also make contact with countrywide shopper associations for assistance.

  • If you simply cannot arrive to an arrangement and want to transform providers, you can terminate your deal. Having said that, you may possibly nevertheless have to spend for a number of months after executing so if you have a mounted-expression agreement.

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