Wichita business dealing with ‘heartbreaking’ losses in less than 24 hours

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – A Wichita business said it has been a challenging 24 hours.

Brian Miller, the owner of Simply Sangria, located near downtown Wichita, said someone threw a rock through a window of the business overnight, broke in and stole the point-of-sale system.

He’s no stranger to dealing with thieves having had two generators stolen from a trailer last August. He said those were recovered by police. Still, he calls what happened, heartbreaking.

“You work hard trying to build something. You put everything you have into it. It’s just disheartening when somebody comes along in a matter of, however many seconds it took them to throw a rock in a window and run off with property that doesn’t belong to them,” said Miller.

Before the break-in, Miller said he had been up at the hospital dealing with the loss of an employee who died Sunday in a crash near Cheney Lake. She was identified as 22-year-old Pratiksha Kunwar.

“Please keep Asha’s family and the Simply Sangria family and prayer,” reads a post on the business’ Facebook page.